Jjousk is acting strange, so you decided to ask him in hopes he'd loosen up and tell you more.

He looked liked he wasn't happy with your presence, and perhaps it would be best to ask someone else in the arena.

Veja simply mentioned that she was making him his arrows.

As soon as you mentioned Jjous's sadness, Liera wanted to use him for an experiment, but somethin went horribly wrong.

Kireya sounded very suspicious, and claimed not to know anything about Jjousk. Strange.

Archilaya said she noticed Jjousk was sad when he bought a bun for breakfast, but nothing more.

Gregori seemed mildly concerned, and pressed you to keep investigating.

Kretch simply didn't want anything to do with Jjousk.

Krri paid little attention to you concern, and went on with her business.

Birkin said he could help you out, and tell you a little story about Jjousk.

The dwarf was very helpful, and mentioned Jjousk, Benack and Bhurral were in a little gang when they were kids. He suggested you went to visit Benack.

As soon as you mentioned Jjousk's rivnak to Benack, he started telling you a story.

Benack explained how Jjousk carved a little rivna, which became his favourite toy, and gave it to Bhurral, but she gave it back when she joined the guards and he left to work at the Arena.

You thought that Jjousk needed hep, and Benack asked you how could you help him.

You suggested a shield, but Benack dismissed the idea.

You suggested a hammer, but Benack said it could be taken as a bribe.

Fimally, you suggested a toy rivnak, just like Jjousk's, and Benack said that was an excelent idea. He sent you to look for a branch of threestem wood.

You gave Benack the threestem branch, and he told you to go talk to Bhurral while he worked on it.

When you asked Bhurral about rivnaks, she went on to tell you how usefulthey were and what could you use them for.

She then said Jjousk used a drifter, when you asked about Jjousk's rivnak, but she blushed and dismissed you with harsh words.

Benack made an exact copy of Jjousk's rivnak, and asked you to deliver it to Bhurral.

As soon as Bhurral saw the little wooden toy, she asked whether it was Jjousk's.

She said she missed Jjousk, and asked you to book a table at The Broken Door while she wrote a letter.

Brado said he couldn't book anyone a table, because the tavern was always full.

He agreed what Bhurral suggested happily, and then went on to discuss it with Reffittia, letting you go find Bhurral.

Bhurral thanked you, and told you to deliver the letter.

Jjousk looked like he recognized you, and asked what was if you wanted.

He remembered how concerned you were, and decided to reward you accordingly.