metallurgy is a skill that allows players to convert metal ores into metal stocks and ingots. These metal stocks and ingots are required to craft items like weapons and armours. Different metals require different levels of metallurgy skill to be smelted into stocks and ingots. Training can be sought from smiths such as harnquist. To turn ores into stocks and ingots a furnace and a stock caster is required. these are usually located next to each other.

Recipes-- Edit

Alloy Recipe Level Needed
Steel 9 Iron: 1 coal or 8 iron: 2 coal
Platinum Steel 1 silver ingot: 1 platinum ingot: 4 steel ingot
Draton Steel 5 ingots of steel, 3 of lumium and 1 of bronze
Tigrain Steel 2 ingots of lumium, 4 of gold, 2 of silver and 3 Ulbernaut hearts