Quest Rewards: 8 Circle, 2 octa, 7 tria, 10800 exp, 54 PP, Guard faction +, Charge Block Move

You must complete Remant Gauntlets and Remant's Broadsword before this quest can be given. Receive the quest from Jefecra Harcrit who will ask you to gather information about Thorian Gronk. You can ask almost anyone for information on him, but the first person you need to talk to is the woman on the roof of Kada-El's.

Next, you need to go to the library and talk to Jayose. He will tell you Thorian got a book on Alchemy. Then you need to speak to Thorian back at Kada-El's and he will give you a sample of his illegal potion for 25 tria. Bring the potion to Jefecra and she will tell you to have it examined by an alchemist.

Next, bring the potion to Levrus who will examine it for 100 tria. He tells you it's a bad potion. Bring it back to Jefecra to finish the quest.