Endurance is a skill that is directly correlated to how much physical stamina a character has. The more stamina a character has, the longer they can run, fight, or do other physical activities. Endurance can be trained at endurance trainers, each with a specific and unique skill range.


When training this stat, the Character gets 3 points of Health and Physical Stamina for every point trained.


Trainers for this stat can only train between certain levels of Endurance mastery. They are:

  • 0 up to 80: Finara Plund
  • 70 up to 150: Durok Rrecrok
  • 130 up to 250: Gregori Stevald
  • 230 up to 350: Polyuntri Stevald
  • 330 up to 400: Utno-Leig