When a character's health bar is at 0%, the character dies and is sent to the Death Realm. The Death Realm is a labyrinth that the player must reach the end of in order to get back to Ylaikum. The maze is relatively simple, and can be completed relatively easily in under 3 minutes. To reach the end, follow the path from the start over a supported bridge. Take a left when the path reaches an overlook and follow the path as it circles upwards for half of a rotation. Go straight on the above-ground path that is under rib-like structures. Then jump off the path as it turns left after the library and follow a wide path on the ground. You should see a large hole in the wall. Jump out of it and onto the pathway below, and follow that path until another path that circles upwards. After this, there will be some stairs that take you to a T-intersection. Take the right fork, and then the first left. Walk into the sparks, and you will be back in Hydlaa, with Dakkru's curse. Dakkru's curse lasts around a half hour, and lowers a player's strength, endurance, and agility, and takes away all mana.